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The Board of Directors
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The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction of the institution. Made up of ten recognized individuals from the world of law, social sciences, media and culture, the Board meets monthly on an ad honorem basis.

In addition to its monthly meetings, the Board oversees the work of the programs and areas. The Board of Directors also has an Executive Committee.The Board has the task of setting the general orientation for CELS’ institutional work. It has ten members who are public personalities.

Horacio Verbitsky

Laura Jordán de Conte

Damián Loreti

David Blaustein

Eduardo Basualdo
Marcelo Alejandro Ciaramella
Luis Fara
Carmen A. Lapacó
Victorio Paulón
Julieta Rossi
Sofía Tiscornia
María José Guembe
Juan Gabriel Tokatlian
Raquel Celia Cristina Witis